Being the “Fat” Girl

Yes, I am back on the blog scene. I have been busy with grad school writing discussions and papers until my brain seems like it has no more juice left to function. But I made it through once again.  It is May and I am excited because my birthday is coming soon and of course Mother’s Day.  I will keep my mom’s memory alive as long as I have breathe in me.  Ok, I am not going to get emotional here, so let me get back on topic.  Yesterday, I was watching a live Youtube stream and the person on the stream was speaking about being the “fat” girl. Once she broke down, I broke down too because every word she spoke resonated with me and my life. I was able to put myself in her shoes and walk the path she is continuing to go on.  Being “fat” as some call it, is one of the hardest things in life a person has to deal with.  I know the feeling because I live the life every single day.  And it has been years of battling the weight problem from childhood. The magazines do not help either because once the pages are turned, you ask yourself, “Where are the people that look like me?” This is one of the main reasons I stopped looking in magazines. There is nobody on any page that looks like me, so why bother? During my younger days, I remembered the feeling of sadness and hurt because alot of guys thought the “fat” girl was the unattractive one. The hurtful words and laughs are not forgotten. Fast forward to college, those days of depression that almost took me out worrying about life issues and my weight.  Those were the darkest days of my life.  The thoughts about weight drained me physically and mentally.  I had to go through those days to get to the place where I am now. The process of being the “fat” girl has become a little easier though because there are people who are breaking barriers and those women are not the “typical” size that society says is the perfect body.  It is so funny now seeing “fat” girls shine on their IG posts and blogs. You see the big legs, big hips, curvy waists, and you say to yourself, hey that person looks like me. The women I see are amazing and yes they are killing the game. So many I can name and they are doing big things and I am so proud. I know God did not create me to be the skinny girl and I have accepted that. I embrace who I am and what I have. The things I do not like I can work to change those things.  I stopped listening to people and their thoughts of the image they may want to me to be and I set my own trend.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s eyes.  Please make sure you enstill in your children early that he or she is beautiful and handsome from their hair to their skin. No matter how big or how skinny, a person is beautiful inside and out.  To those women who are not afraid to step out of the box, thank you for creating the path for other women to walk and embrace their skin and be the flyest “fat” girls out there. Am I a fly “fat” girl? Yes I am and we rock too. Be blessed

I am BACK!!!

After a long hiatus, I am back ya’ll.  I hope you have missed me because I have missed you.  I cannot believe I haven’t posted since October 2014.  But I have kept up with the latest in music and it would be too hard for me to try to backtrack. So I am going to start where I am now.  I pray 2015 has been a blessing to you as it has been for me. In December 2015, I will graduate with my MBA, so I am super excited and that is where the majority of my time has been spent.  The wind down to the finish line seems so long but it will all pay off once you run across that line.   Check the blog out later because I have exciting news about upcoming gospel music and events. I thank you for your support and until next time, be blessed!!!

Constance J

4GML Tuesday MUSIC Video PICK: @triplee “Sweet Victory”

I have been in 116 mode for some time now and have been for a while and I am excited that Trip Lee will be releasing his fifth studio album, Rise, on 10.27.14. His single, Shweet has been blowing up the airwaves, and here is another video for the new single, Sweet Victory. I am so loving this song and the feature vocalists are killing

Trip Lee: Sweet Victory….

Pre-order the cd on iTunes, Amazon, and Merchline…..

Hope you enjoy!!! I am unashamed, #116forever

Until next time,

Constance J

*Disclaimer: Video and picture courtesy of Youtube & Google*

4GML Song Play of the Day –Jonathan Coleman (Saved The Day)

I told you that I have plenty of new artists to share with you. And social media is my best friend to find those artists.  I want to introduce my 4GML Song Play of the Day artist by the name of Jonathan Coleman and he has an awesome single in my music rotation, Saved The Day. And his bio goes something like this:

Jonathan Coleman


Jonathan Coleman is an anointed singer and songwriter whose mission is to convey to the world through his music the message of God’s grace and the courage to pursue God’s destiny and purpose for life. He will bring a fresh outlook to the Gospel music scene with his forthcoming album, “The Process”.

The lead single Saved the Day is an uplifting intimate worship song that ushers you into the presence of God as it describes the power and Supernatural ability of God and how He can save you from any situation! Coleman desires to encourage anyone who is in the midst of an insurmountable struggle to know that God is always ready to intervene and come to the rescue!!

Jonathan Coleman is a special gift to the body of Christ. As the youngest of four children, this Pastor’s kid was born to Bishop and First Lady James and Carol Coleman. He was reared in an apostolic holiness church throughout his upbringing, and trained in many areas of Ministry, but music became his passion. Taught by his mother to sing and write songs, while also learning from his musically talented siblings, he began to cultivate and grow as an anointed worship leader, choir director and songwriter.

Jonathan accepted the call to preach the gospel at the age of 17 but still could not shy away from his passion for singing and leading people into God’s presence. Jonathan states that “I am a called preacher first and gifted to sing, second.” He is an ordained Elder in the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., and preaches the Gospel of God’s grace throughout the country! Jonathan’s musical inspirations include renowned artists such as Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, Harry Connick Jr., Brandy Norwood, John Mayer, and the Yellowjackets. He believes that his music is not only limited to reaching the traditional “churched” believer, but also to touching the hearts of the “un-churched” nonbeliever with his infusion of  Contemporary gospel, Jazz, pop, and soulful music. With these collaborations, he is able to bridge the gap between all genres while glorifying God!

Aside from working diligently for the Kingdom, Jonathan is proud to have the privilege of calling the beautiful, driven, and God-fearing woman, Mrs. Terri Jackson Coleman, his wife. To this union, God has given them charge over an intelligent, loving, and active daughter-Tyler Mckenzie. Ultimately, Jonathan’s mission is to sing and create songs that give people a desire to pursue their destiny and purpose, while writing songs that give people an encounter with God’s presence that is both life changing and lifesaving! Jonathan states that “whenever we have an opportunity to be in God’s presence, it is imperative that we maximize the moment and never take it for granted.”

Stay connected with Jonathan on Instagram @jcole82 and check out the single, Saved the Day below:!4gml-song-play-of-the-day

Thank you for everything and God bless you

Until next time,

Constance J

*Disclaimer: Bio, music, and picture provided by the artist for blog purposes*

4GML New Music Pick @williemarshall1

I am truly excited to bring to you a new group I ran across on IG and I am loving their new music. My new music pick this week is Willie Marshall and 1Accord who just released a new project and their bio goes something like this:


 Willie Marshall & 1 ACCORD

Blazing the gospel music trail in the Delaware Tri-state area is the ministry of Willie Marshall and 1Accord. Made up of a group young people who love to worship, 1 Accord is dedicated to create an atmosphere where God’s presence is experienced.

Willie Marshall was born in Bridgeton, NJ and raised in New Castle, DE. In 2008, he heard from God, telling him to start the ministry of 1Accord. Not only to start the group, but to be its leader. This was done by faith, because Willie was not used to being in the forefront nor did he have any sort of musical background. He created the ministry with a group of friends while studying at Virginia State University. After graduating in 2009, Willie was determined to continue to walk in God’s purpose for his life. The ministry relocated back to his hometown and subsequently, gained new members.

Today, Willie and 1Accord continue to spread the gospel through song, as well as living the lifestyle they sing about. They have had the pleasure of opening for, or sharing the same platform with artists such as JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise, BET’s Sunday Best Winner Y’anna Crawley, Vashawn Mitchell, and more. On November 3rd, 2012, 1Accord recorded their 1st full length CD and DVD “Journey to Greatness LIVE” Due to be released in the October of 2014.

Enjoy the single blazing the airwaves, “Greatness Inside of  Me” below:!4gml-new-music-pick 

Connect with Willie: @williemarshall1 (Twitter and Instagram) and purchase the project available now

on all digital outlets: iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon, & Google Play

Thank you Willie for everything and I pray God’s blessing over your project and future endeavors.

Until next time,

Constance J

*Disclaimer: Bio, music, and picture provided by artist for blog purposes*


I am catching up on my blog and I have quite a few new artists to continue to share with you. And I want to start by introducing you to a new artist by the name of Chris House, whose single, Sing Jesus, has been blowing up the gospel airwaves.  I really love the sincerity of this song and his biography goes something like this:

Chris House

 final picture

Chris House is a native of Hampton, Virginia and a 2002 graduate of Hampton University. He currently serves as the Worship Pastor of City Life Church in Newport News, Virginia under the leadership of Pastor Fred Michaux. Chris has served as Minister of Music at the Open Door Full Gospel Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia under the leadership of Pastor Gail House and Leader of Worship at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia under the leadership of Pastor William L. Davis, Jr. Chris is a member of the International Worship Team for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship where Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is the Presiding Bishop and Bishop William Murphy, III is General Overseer of Music. He has recently been blessed to co-write the song “In Pursuit of Your Glory” which is featured on the 2010 Stellar Award winning album Cry Your Last Tear by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and the FGBCF, Intl. Mass Choir. Chris’ songs have also been featured on projects by Bishop Rudolph McKissick and Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir. Chris released his single entitled “Sing Jesus” on December 17, 2013. Chris House is a musician, songwriter and producer but most importantly he is a worshiper who seeks to glorify God with his lifestyle.

Get connected with Chris on social media, Twitter & Instagram ~ @STILLCHRISHOUSE and support him by adding his music to your collection. Look for the project on iTunes, Sing Jesus. Be sure to check the new song, Arise, on digital outlets.

Check out the single, Sing Jesus below:!new-artist-on-the-rise

Until next time,

Constance J