Stellar Award Weekend Recovery, GodCityUSA, Mixed Bag, RUN DMG….

Hey ya’ll,

Thank God for recovery. I am back in the swing of things after two weeks of being sick, smh to the constant weather changes and climates of Nashville and Mississippi not mixing. I did survive Stellar Award Weekend 2014 once again this time.  And I have to say I really enjoyed myself this year. I did not attend the official Stellar Award programming but I did get a chance to be at some of the events. It’s sad you have to pick and choose but I did go to the Freedem Radio Showcase hosted by D. Tolefree & Canton Jones Birthday Bash by Urban Soul Cafe. All I can say to you is if you were not at either one, you truly missed a high time in Jesus Name and some phenomenal singing.  I had some artists in mind that I was looking forward to hearing and they came through. Sean Tillery and Changed did their grand singing of my two favorites songs off the cd and Kevin Lemon as well. I think the biggest shocker for me was Tyler Little. Sunday Best Season 6 show did not give this young man any justice at all. The “old man singing”, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no it was far from that. Tyler did a jazzed up version of Be Grateful and killed. Woooooooooooooooooo I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough for footage. But I got the audio I am listening to now, and he did his thing for real. Tyler Little can truly sing and his spin on that classic was superb to hear and the people playing behind him were giving it to us.  I am looking for the CHH to hold down the gospel scene for 2014 because there is so much in store. Canton Jones is bringing God City USA soon and I am so excited for a new album. DaTruth presented his Mixed Bag crew, Prayz 1, TJ Pompeo, Virtue, and Thomas Clay. If I missed somebody, that is because I left before the event was over. Lastly, Mr. Del had his RUN DMG crew up in the building and they represented. I am excited for this year music wise. Overall, I cannot wait until next year to go again, Lord willing. Stay tuned for more on this blog.

Until next time,

Constance J


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