4GML New Artist To Know: @GABRIELMADAY

During Stellar Weekend 2013, I was afforded the opportunity to see this young man perform at BB Kings as a part of the USCAFE event series, lol.  And I must say I really enjoyed his music set. I wanted to follow up and saw him tweeting on Twitter. Look at God, so I got a chance to connect with him.  I always enjoying seeing new artists and he is one to look forward to.  “May Day, May Day” are the words of a song  I think about when his music comes to mind. “Will You Believe” is a song with a powerful message.  I am excited for him and I pray God opens so many doors for him and I believe by faith that is going to happen. Without further ado, I want to present to some and introduce to others, Gabriel Day and his story goes a little something like this:


Gabriel Day is a minister, and rapper out of Rome, NY with the desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and be a living example of God’s love and power. He says coming out with his debut album entitled “The Message” was a burden God put on his heart to do. His focus is ministry and through music reaches out with lyrics that he says “mixed with a little bit of faith, will change peoples lives“. Gabriel grew up in church but strayed away from God and left home at the early age of 15. He became involved with the fast life of the streets and began hustling, while battling depression and addictions to smoking weed and drinking on a roller coaster of highs and lows. After his rise to power in the streets it was while he felt like he was “on top” that God sent a message that changed his life forever. A text that simply said “choose you this day whom you will serve” brought an unshakable amount of conviction, eye opening revelation, and also offered hope that couldn’t be ignored and Gabriel surrendered his life to God through Jesus Christ. He experienced immediate deliverance, and he has been on a relentless mission to reach as many people as possible spreading the love of God, and gospel of Christ. He is on a concentrated mission to do God’s will and glorify Him with his whole life. Day, now 26, says he is a christian who raps so not just the music but everything he does is a part of the lifestyle he lives as a follower of Jesus Christ. His debut album “The Message” is available now on iTunes, and CD Baby, and was released March 2, 2013. He also has a music video on YouTube entitled “Will You Believe”- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQaV7Jjo5Ts and another video “Dead” dropping next week.


Twitter and Instagram @GABRIELMADAY

The 1st Single From Gabriel Day Titled “Will You Believe” Produced By Mex Manny. Directed By “SHADOW” for “Flat Black Visuals”. Copyright 2012 @GABRIELMADAY

God bless you Gabriel and thanks for everything………….

Until next time,

Constance J

*Disclaimer: Biography, photo, & video provided by artist personally*


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