Mali.Is~ Mali Music readies new single & set to release EP

If there is an artist that I have followed from the beginning until now, it has to be Mali Music. I remember a few years back a friend of mine from Savannah telling me you need to hear my friend. And he told me the name, the rest has been history. I think I have watched every YouTube video of his at least 50 times or more, at some point I definitely lost count.  God has shown so many favor in Mali’s life, it seems so surreal.  He is truly an inspiration to some many who start out from scratch making videos and posting them online for people to hear and see. I remember the first video I watched up until now. His songwriting is a storytelling journey and you love the destination when you reach it.  I hear the song lyrics and my mind is taken to a place visually and I see the full picture. It’s so amazing to me. The anticipation is high and we are ready. One Church LA was gracious enough to livestream Mali last night giving us a glimpse of some of the new material from his new release including the single, Ready, Set, Fire. What can I say? Mali is truly gifted and the songs are amazing. I won’t give all of what I heard away. I will say I like the single because it has a Family Force 5 feel to it for me but totally Mali Music flavor.  I enjoyed the little interview sets talking about Clive Davis and Jennifer Hudson.  God can do the impossible with a person having to compromise.  For those Mali Music lovers as I am, during one of the interviews, I heard the single is set for release on February 6th, and the EP coming on the 26th. So get ready but after the Second Coming, Mali.Is!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Pastor Toure’ Roberts for sharing that awesome experience with viewers online. God bless you!

I found this nice artwork of Mali online and I have to share it with you…..and the person who created it, I must find

Until next time,

Constance J

Disclaimer: Photos courtesy of Google


6 thoughts on “Mali.Is~ Mali Music readies new single & set to release EP

  1. Nathan Ricks says:

    Hello my name is Nathan Ricks and I’m responsible of The Mali Mixtape piece. I did it a while back and wanted to show Mali Music but he never got a chance to look at it. Check me out on Ricks Design fan page on

  2. Nathan Ricks says:

    You cant even imagine how much this meant to me when I saw it on your blog site. I been trying to push that picture for nearly 2 years. I posted it on my FB page, then I messaged him on Twitter about the picture. I cant thank you enough.

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