For the Love of Christian Hip Hop

‘Love. Hope. & War’ is the hype for us gospel music lovers entering this January month and I must say that I am so ready for this cd coming from DaTruth. Before 2007 I was very skeptical about this music labeled “gospel rap” or “christian hip hop”. I had listened to a few songs from a couple of artists I knew of but my music collection was missing any type of gospel hip hop. In 2008, Brother Hahz was here at Mississippi State University for a concert with Dave Hollister, Byron Cage & Kim Burrell. My friend and I were instant fans and this marked the beginning of my “christian hip hop” adventure. Internet radio also all helped in this area thanks to C1RadioShow and Bonnerfide Radio.  I would hear various songs from Canton Jones, Tedashii, Lecrae, KB, and the list goes on. I began doing my research on a few artists and the message was clearly Jesus with some hot beats, jazzed up music, and blazing rhymes.  There was no debate about it.  Just because ‘rap’ had depicted a certain image and subject matter in the world’s spectrum did not mean it had to be excluded totally when it talked about Jesus Christ to be ministered in the church.  We must continue to open our minds to know that music is a universal language and that rhymes and beats in a christian hip hop format can reach the masses and it has. To witness a set with DaTruth was so amazing to me because I understand his passion and drive.  To hear Lecrae’s testimony during the Always Sisters Forever Brothers conference blew my mind in that it is so surreal.  To be at an event and see boxes of Canton Jones cds on a display table only for him to tell his people to just give them away.  The 2012 Stellar Awards set of DaTruth, Canton Jones, & Lecrae was epic for me to be there and witness greatness. To see Brother Hahz at the AIM convention hit the stage and just blow our minds musically. These are things that I look at and I will always be a supporter of their ministries forever.  I appreciate the artistry that all christian hip hop artists bring to the music genre as a whole. My prayer is that the christian hip hop artists be blessed beyond in 2013 and their music continue to reach the masses changing lives.

As a release teaser, DaTruth gives us a little impromptu set of the new material from the 1.29.13 cd, Love, Hope, & War:

Can’t wait, we ready, Love, Hope, & War, let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time,

Constance J

Disclaimer: Video courtesy of Youtube (Terverius Black –Xist Music TV)

Picture artwork: Google, creator Criston Gray


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