@RadicalONFIRE: 4GML New Artist Thursday

It’s crazy how God allows people to cross paths and when I say it’s awesome it is. Of course, my TL has been filled daily with Radical Conquest music grind since November and I am not mad at all. ¬†I became familiar with him through Twitter. And I am excited for this young man who just had his album release concert, 12.1.12 as a part of the Radical Departure Tour. His ministry is awesome and I have to share it with you all. The¬†single, Radical Departure, which dropped 11.12.12 is blazing the airwaves right now. All the way from New York/New Jersey by way of Trinidad, give it up for CONQUEST and his story goes like this:




“Radical¬†Departure” is the 2012 studio album from Trinidadian born, Brooklyn bred & Jersey based emcee/lyricist/songwriter¬†CONQUEST. It is an album that signals the start of new musical & ministry chapter for the artist born Jason Andre Roberts. Created within exactly one year, “Radical Departure” finds¬†CONQUEST¬†in the present day preparing to ‘depart’ from the things that has plagued his walk with God & his musical vision in the past. In the midst of this re-invention he addresses everything from idolatry in & outside of the church, the ill effects of music & pop culture, racism, physical to sexual abuse, a tragic loss, love & heartbreak & everything else in between while stressing the need for¬†radical¬†evangelism for himself & others. The title of¬†CONQUEST’S latest album speaks to his musical & artistic approach¬†on¬†it as well, it’s a ‘world where east-coast boom-bap meets metal core, where ‘trap music’ has an alternative feel, 80’s pop music is sampled with a classic hip hop drum break & techno & southern drum kicks join forces with double time rhyming’ all for a common purpose. There are no guest appearances¬†on¬†“Radical¬†Departure” and for a re-introduction as personal as CONQUEST’S, it’s only right.

CONQUEST’S NEW ALBUM “RADICAL¬†DEPARTURE” available¬†on¬†http://conquest.bandcamp.com¬†on¬†NOV. 13TH 2012 & itunes in DECEMBER 2012
features the radio singles “YOU AIN’T ‘BOUT THAT LIFE” & “BRYANT’S THEME”¬†as well as the buzz singles “R.A.G.E.” &¬† “CONCEALED WEAPON”

Contact information
BOOKING: EMAIL –¬†dreadlockslimmm@yahoo.com¬†or¬†ashleighdavids@gmail.com
PHONE NO: 732 900 4795
“R.A.G.E. (Revenge Against God’s Enemies)” – Official Music Video¬†*Directed by Edgar Mattey*

“Nowhere To Run” – Official Music Video¬†*Directed by Edgar Mattey*

Thanks for everything. I pray God blesses this ministry and opens many more doors.

Until next time,
Constance J

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