Pink It is: Remembering Tiffany & Let’s Support Ties for Nicole (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)


Hey ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are having a blessed Thursday.  But I dare not want to end this month without acknowledging October as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Back in my undergrad years, I remember my former college president, Dr. Bettye Coward, fighting breast cancer and she won the battle. And the thing about her that stayed with me is she never gave up. And she still remains an inspiration in my life forever. But here recently, I have also been inspired by two stories I saw on the news or read about. There was a story of a young ballet dancer by the name of Tiffany Glenn who moved from California to Memphis to teach young African American boys and girls classic ballet with the Collage Dance Collective. She graciously fought to the very end and she lost her battle with breast cancer this past May. She was 33 years old. To know that she left something behind for those kids to cherish is amazing.  She loved dance and it was her craft.  And those kids had a chance to experience her passion with her.In a Youtube video made in March she spoke these words “Everyone is going to die and we just don’t know when.  The important thing is that we live to fullest, every moment, until the very last moment.”(, October 2012) And that she did to the end. You can read more about Tiffany here at Lastly, there is a young lady by the name of Nicole who I read about from the company Windsor Neck Wear. For the month of October, they are donating a portions of proceeds to Nicole Woodley who is currently fighting to win over breast cancer. So make sure you go support the cause and patronage their website There will also be an event in Nashville in support of Nicole as well….see flyer below:

Lastly, I encourage men and women to educate yourself about breast cancer. Ladies, get your mammograms and let’s pray for those who are fighting this disease and for those families who have lost loved ones to it. You can find out all you need to know by clicking this link:

God bless you until next time,

Constance J

*Disclaimer: Clipart & flyer are from Google Search & Twitter*


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