@ShockinTruth: 4GML New Music Tuesday Artist

Hey ya’ll, it is another Tuesday and I have some music for your listening ears.  I am so ecstatic to share this group with you all.  I heard a song of theirs on BonnerfideRadio back some time ago and I was sold. For those that know me know I am a music fanatic. I love music and all it offers especially band stuff. My ear is always tuned to the music that brings everything together. I always look at the cd inserts to see who is playing the organ, drums, etc. And this group is so unique because I feel like every member brings their own flavor to the fold and the end result is some crazy out of the box music that you can jam for hours. The song, ‘3 are 1’, is so authentic and I love how each element of music comes together. They have three awesome projects, ‘One Heart at A Time’, ‘The Mixtape’, and ‘The CoverUp’, which I am in the process of hearing more of and reviewing in the coming weeks. They are a 13 member band based in Chicago and they are on a list of my favorite new groups. I want to present to some and introduce to other, Shocking Truth and their story goes something like this:

Shocking Truth Band
“Bringing the sound on real music back”

Shocking Truth (S.T.) is a Chicago-based band of musicians formed in 2007 by a group of guys with
great talent and a deep love for music. It is their goal to bring the sound of real music back and
create their own musical legacy.

Each member of the band has had their own individual success recording and touring with a wide
variety of artists such as: Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, Nicki Minaj, Fred Hammond, Keri Hilson, J Moss,
The Dream, The Jonas Brothers, Smokie Norful, Fred Hammond, James Fortune, Avant and Jill Scott,
just to name a few.

Shocking Truth has 13 members each with their own style but when brought together gives off
simple greatness. They have a variety of musical influences ranging from the Beatles to Earth, Wind,
and Fire to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Winans. From these influences and a
background of gospel music that the entire band shares, they have created a unique brand of
inspirational music.

This band takes music and gives it a universal sound that fans of real music will love for
generations. With groundbreaking production and world class musicianship they are changing the
face of urban/inspirational music in one of the nation’s largest markets. This brand of music speaks
to all areas of life. It inspires and challenges those who listen to be better human beings.

The band’s first single, “Fact of the Matter”, is currently on radio rotation and the band’s first album
entitled, Shocking Truth: One Heart at a Time was released November 2010, available on iTunes,
Amazon and Cd Baby. Exceptional eagerness and consistent growth, Shocking Truth’s musical
career is on a steady climb to continued success as they continue to bring real music back.

For more information and booking, contact: 123shockintruth@gmail.com or http://www.shockingtruthband.net

Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @ShockinTruth

Please check out their song, “3 Are 1” as the song play of the day here below:


Thanks Brittany for everything, God Bless you!

Disclaimer: Picture, bio, and music provided to me personally for blog purpose

Until next time,

Constance J


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