4GML Album Review: Jonathan McReynold ~ Life Music

New Gospel Artist Jonathan McReynold set to release debut cd, Life Music September 25, 2012

Light Records/Tehillah Music Group new gospel sensation, Jonathan McReynolds has made a mark in the music world. The new fresh sounds of the acoustic and his vocals mesh together to make the perfect musical masterpiece.  I first became acquainted with his artistry at the 2011 Always Sisters Forever Brothers Conference in Nashville, TN. He performed the song, “No Gray”, and I must say he blew my mind. His acoustic ability was on target & voice very creative yet distinctive that sets him apart. I am excited that he is set to debut his release, entitled ‘Life Music’, on September 25, 2012 and the title fits the occasion. The topics of interest he writes about are life issues expressed musically. This debut follows his Very Unofficial EP released in 2010.  For me, he is a genuine talent that needs to be heard. When I listen to his work, it is truly music written from his personal life experiences. Jonathan has a phenomenal musical ear and he is so unpredictable. You never know what he is going to do, but when it’s done, you are mesmerized by the gift. I am blessed to get to preview this cd from the people of Light Records and here is my take on it. I had to study it a couple of times to give you my honest review and this is it……..

For the past year or so, Jonathan McReynolds has been buzzing all over the internet and at different events. Everybody has become familiar with his signature songs, ‘No Gray’ and the single  ‘I Love You’. The penmanship he has been blessed with shows us his ability to write songs for today’s generation. The thrill is hearing what he will pull out of his musical hat as I always say.

The 12 track release features heartfelt songs of conviction and pure musical genius. The musical production is comprised of pieces of urban, jazz, rock, church, & ballad all mixed into one. You have an assortment of different flavors for your enjoyment. He has a song for everybody to take a liking to. ‘Life Music’ showcases what Jonathan has crafted instrument wise & vocally to perfection. My musical ear hears inspiration from all the music genres intertwined. This debut cd is the foundation to great things to come for Jonathan in the near future.

Everything sets the tone for an awesome musical journey. His touch of acoustics, piano, & vocals are the signature on each of these songs. What he does with that guitar is so amazing on No Gray”,  the ‘no’ ending of that song takes me straight outta here. I visualize this one live and Lord help me that day! ‘Loving Me’ makes me think about a song on broadway for some reason as his voice gracefully soars and fingers tickle the black and white ivory…..these lyrics come to mind out right here, ‘even with the pimples on my face,”You Keep Loving Me”, such a great song.  ‘I’m Coming Out’ stands as a testimony song and is my anthem from this project. Next comes the urban groovy song,No Longer’, giving me the vibes of Mary Mary’s song, ‘Dirt’. A song of victory and triumph can be felt in “I Made It.” As I come to the end of this project, the song “Smile” which features Ashley Washington is a very nice duet. “I Cannot Tell It All” has this NeoSoul inspiration from beginning to end. It takes me back to Lisa McClendon’s Live at the House of Blues feel. The vocals & music accompaniment on this one is just super crazy ridiculous, omgggggg. This is deemed to be my favorite. I would love to hear Kim Burrell’s take on this one. If she and Jonathan ever collaborated of this one, I would be done….lol!  ‘Glory Up blesses us with the upbeat, gospel rock flavor that I love. Coming to the finale, Jonathan gives us a piano & organ set with guest artist, Corey Barksdale, on the song Whywhich is the icing on the cake for this awesome debut. This is a cd of hope & victory for living according to God’s word. I love what Jonathan says about his music: Through his music, McReynolds humbly speaks for his generation “I’m doing it the way God gave it to me … you’ll find what me and my generation go through on a daily basis: insecurities, battles against the world, self-discovery and the ebbs and flows of living in Christ.” (Press Release)

I give this an overall rating of 4 out of 5. And this one you will definitely need in your music collection. He truly speaks from the heart in every song that he gives us here, just Life Music. So make you support this man of God and purchase his cd online, iTunes, Amazon, and in stores. Please support good kingdom music.

Until next time,

Constance J



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