4GML Sunday Best: My Review & Thoughts

Yes, I know I am so late, but better late than never. This is where the season has almost come to a close. I must say that I have truly enjoyed this season 5 of Sunday Best. It has to be my favorite season to date.  Do not get me wrong, the other seasons were awesome, but the all faith no fear theme deemed to be true this time.  These people have been singing, ya’ll hear me…………..But I had made my predictions last week and stand by my choice. I was inquiring about it because I thought aren’t we voting? So yeah, this past episode, it is down to the final two, Joshua Rogers and Alexus Spight. And this finale is gonna be epic for real but here goes my thoughts and review of this latest episode and let me say Kirk Franklin finally looked decent for once, so kudos to his stylist, praise God! Now let the show go on

The show’s opener was last season’s winner, Amber Bullock, debuting her single live, “Lord You’ve Been So Good” and she looked great and had an awesome performance, with the dancers and all. Great job! Now it’s the contestants turn:

1. Alexus Spight opened with the song, “And Yet I’m Still Saved” and I must say I like this song but this was not particularly my favorite performance of hers. Now Calvary was another story, wowzers. To me, she did well with her being young and these songs are kind of a challenge, I know it would be for me. Overall, it was good!

2. Joshua Rogers came next with Isaac Carree’s song, “In The Middle” and I especially did not care for the arrangement of the music at all. This was another one of his have fun song and Isaac was enjoying himself backgrounding on his own song. I loved that fact. Again, it was good but not great, I have become immune to alot of squalling and runs and stuff. Sometimes, it can be over the top. He did ok to me.

Now they had to have Vashawn Mitchell on singing my favorite song right now, “Turning Around For Me” and I loved the performance. This song right here has some powerful words in it and I so wished I could have been there live for his recording some time back. Created4This is such an awesome work, so please go and support this new cd out now., ITunes, Amazon, Walmart, wherever, get it, AMEN!

3. Joshua returned with the classic, “Lord Lift Us Up” and there was sort of a disconnect with this song. I really cannot put into words but there was something missing for me. He held back a whole lot and I know Joshua has so much more to give. But sometimes, certain songs are challenging to do and you have to find a time in your life where you can relate. But he got through it and he has definitely expanded his horizons as a singer, I can tell.

4. Now, Alexus Spight really surprised me with this last one, “Imagine Me”. Now, I loved the fact that she took a risk with this song. She did her thing and threw a rap in there. To be on this show and have the artists there while you sing their songs is pure bravery. And she gained me as a fan after these last two episodes. Excellent performance…..So we will have to see what happens next.

I will end on this note, bring Erica and Tina back, they are truly missed. I would have loved to hear their thoughts on this season’s performances. So who will win Sunday Best? From the beginning, they have stressed the emphasis of a male winning this season. So my prediction is that Joshua will take the crown and win Season 5 based on that analogy there has never been a young person in the tops nor a male to win.  May I right? We will see tomorrow night as the 2 hour season finale airs on BET. Tune in and let’s see if I am right.

Until next time,

Constance J


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