My Favorite Summer Gospel Jams

Hello ladies and gents, we are well way into the summer and I must say this summer has been filled with such awesome music and I am loving all the new releases coming out in gospel. And here are the songs I have jammed to all summer long, some new from earlier in the year. So here are my favorite summer gospel jams as of right now:

1. Dale Ciceron—-Get Up! This will be a song I played forever because this is family and “Don’t push me tonight, because I feel it”……….yesssssss go head on #teamo4c forever

2. Vashawn Mitchell—-Turning Around For Me — had to be my ringtone and for some reason, this song gets me through so much. There have been things going on in my life but I know God is turning it around for me…….”It Won’t Always Be Like This”

3. Marica Chisolm—Used, yes this is an awesome worship song and the words stick, Never gonna let you go, never gonna let you go, wanna be used by you……… love love it!

4. Chrystal Rucker—You Deserve, ever since I first heard this song, it was a favorite of mine, and i love the lyric video, very neat concept. The awesome thing about this song is it was written 10 or 11 years ago by her best friend, Carmen Simmons

5. Anthony Brown and group TherAPy—-Testimony—-just the words alone are enough to take me in every time I hear this song

6.Lawrence Flowers & Intercession—More & Come Down—these two songs are my must have. I can say this entire group can just fla out sing

7. The Whole Anita Wilson cd…..this cd speaks to me musically, i like the entire cd, but I will say, Jesus Will, goes so hard………….wooooooooooooooo won’t he will………..!

8. Leandria Johnson, My Story Continues, it has that little groove I like, I am excited for this new release coming in September. As you know, Leandria can sing anything………

9. James Ziegler, Better & Clean Hands, this man can just flat out sing with this baritone voice that does the craziest things ever, Lawd hammercy

10. James Hall, Caught Up, I mean how could not jam this music at any time, but this is a throwback jam

What are you favorite jams now? holla back and let me know

Be blessed,

Constance J


One thought on “My Favorite Summer Gospel Jams

  1. Evangelist Jameson says:

    I agree! Anita Wilson’s Worship Soul CD is awesome! I especially love “Jesus Will”. Such a praise song with a mellow groove, killer vocals, and sick musical arrangement. She is a blessing to God’s people!

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