4GML Inspirational Food for Thought~Value Your Seasons

Hey, everybody, I hope you all had a blessed Sunday today. I wanted to share the message I presented to the youth today and I tell you God gave me a word and I thank Him.  I know that I am supposed to have teaching as my platform and I have a mind to do the will of the Lord. But I hope I encourage and help somebody….

Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 14, Romans 1:16, 6:22-23, Acts 1:8

Subject: Value Your Seasons

As three chairs sat draped in an array of black and gold colors, my mind took me back to that last time.  That last time I saw them, one had started a new job excited about the prom, one was enjoying an evening out with friends and making prank calls, and that last embrace was the hug I always got and the oh so kind words . Who knew that would be the last time we ever closed paths on this Earth. Better yet, the calls to get a ride to church, those signature blue eyes and perfect brown hair, and those hurting tears to just go outside and play.  In the time span of eight years, I have lost 6 students who never have the time to experience life.  No middle school, junior/senior prom, no graduation, no college, no marriage or kids. Their time here was only for a little while. But I can say that I learned a lot during my season with them and more importantly the ones who had a relationship with God stands out.  So as you can see, their season they would never predicted to come this early.  I am thankful to know that God was a major part of their season’s end. There is never a definite date to know how much time you have to do anything in your life. Your life is full of seasons, so my topic is value your seasons.

Time is something you cannot stop or push ahead nor is it something that you can turn back to.  There is always this cliché used, I don’t have time or there’s not enough time. And this deems to not be true. For when it comes to God, we never make enough time for him.  We do not put bible study on our agenda, prayer, reading the Bible, or even coming to church. Yet we want God to keep blessing us.  There are seasons in our lives that we go through but we do not know when some seasons will come. When God appoints that season, we have to go through it.  But in many seasons we go through, it is due to a lot of our mindset, we become stagnated because of three things we battle in our minds: fear, conformity, & resistance. We are scared of what others may think or say about what we can do or will do. We will stay in a comfort zone mentality and never see another way. And resistance is there by just not wanting to do things at all.  The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.  And we as believers cannot afford to linger in a wandering spirit.

So many times, we know that God has given us specific assignments but it takes us years to complete the simple ones when it should have been done and us moving on. We major in the minor and minor in the major.  Doctorate potential but kindergarten motives. There is a generation gap we must dissolve. To the youth, it is now your season to do the things of God and move forward. The way is paved for you but you have to take the time in your season and do the will of God.  You think there is a lot of time left but seasons only last for a certain length. The patriarchs have made room for us in their season.  Let me go on to ask you these questions: what if God had no time for us? What would you do? How would you live?  And for some things, a lot of time is not necessary. In a very small time span, Jesus died, was crucified, hung on the cross, and was resurrected and this action changed the lives of so many people a life changing event that took place.  This season lasts forever because it was appointed for us all. The only season that will never die out is a season for righteousness and salvation. We should not be ashamed and embrace this gospel of Jesus Christ and live it accordingly (Romans 1:16). No matter how busy we get or how hectic life seems, look at the big picture, God always makes time for us.  He takes the time to wake us up, protect us from harm and danger on the dangerous highway and on the job. He has made us priority because he loves us that much to give the only thing he had so we could live and have a season that is eternal. When Sister Sharon was teaching on Wednesday night, she made a good point; we must see ourselves as God sees us. Once we do, there is no time to waste, we will make that time for God and no season will be void and our season will be of great value.

God bless you

Constance J


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