4GML Sunday Best: My Review & Thoughts

Monday is here and yes another episode of Sunday Best is behind us. And it was down to the final four and who moves on to the finale. And yes folks, I was right again about my departure choices. Well, for starters, they had the Clark Sisters open the show and why did I let out the loudest wail to the heavens…………yesssssssssssss these are forever going to be my Sunday Best. This is my favorite gospel group of all times. NOBODY does it like the Clark Sisters…they all have their own little ingredients to add to the final presentation and yes it is a masterpiece every time. I must pay homage to Kizzy, since everybody is saying she is a lost Clark. But I am telling ya’ll it is only the hair. Go and find your Finally Karen cd and you will see what I am talking about. I cannot believe I missed this taping but oh well, there is next year. Of course, Karen always does her good singing so you know I was trying to recover by the time the contestants got ready to sing. Excellent singing from my favorites…….I can say at this point, the show of course is so predictable. Now moving on to the contestants:

1. Danetra Moore started out with her version of “Jesus Will Work It Out”, and I can say they definitely arranged it to fit her voice. This was truly her style to the tee. When she was singing, my thoughts went to her song, “All I Can Do Is Pray”. I cannot say I did not like but it was fitting for her performance. You know I am used to the shouting version, but I will accept this one. “Pastor Donnie said it had a Jessica Reedy feel to it and yeah it did. Cece said it was exciting, fun, but she wanted her to be more relaxed and take her time. Yolanda ends it by calling it an excellent performance since she is in to the jazz thing, she loved the look, everything was impeccable.”  Well it was good but it wasn’t one of her stronger performances to date. Loved the red shoes!

2. Pastor Michael A. Lampkin did the classic Fred Hammond song, “Awesome God”, and I gotta tell you to even touch a Fred song, you betta be ready. Kim Burrell’s advice to him was don’t rush it, perform it, convey it, make it your song. And he has been my pick to win from the beginning. And yes, he did forget the words on the second line but that did not stop him. He recovered oh so well as he knows how to. I could hear a little vocal fatigue in his voice, kinda straining but he made it to the end. I studied voice for eight years and was a vocal major, so I know how the voice can suffer fatigue and it is not a fun time at all especially when you have to sing. But once again, consistent was in his performance, totally awesome to me. Cece said he made it his own, he knows how to have church; Yolanda said he is a smart singer being that he went to scripture to make his way back in to the song, that is a sign of a smart, smart singer. Donnie concluded saying the hiccup did not upset him, that he is a cheater and he preached his way out….lol! I also want to be live to see where they are hearing these hiccups and stuff too. But when Kirk said, this could be a King’s Man, I lost it……*faints*…….I can say he has been a favorite of mine each week and no matter what the outcome, he is my Sunday Best :)…..! #teamlampkin

3. Well well well ms. Alexus Spight had the biggest task of the night doing the mentor’s song, “Calvary”, by none other than the voice herself, Ms. Kim Burrell.  And I can say with Kim’s songs, you have to be a thinker. You have to think about the key changes, music, words, everything. There is no time to try to do all these runs and stuff, because you may miss a key change and be done. But Alexus had to study this song because it is definitely a hard one of many of her songs. And she did an awesome job covering this song. There were not all the runs and stuff, it was just precisely what she needed to do to present this song. She has shown consistency these last two weeks, so we will see what happens at the end, will she be left standing?

4. Lastly, young buck as he has been deemed, Joshua Rogers presented Deitrick Haddon’s song, “Well Done”, from the Church on the Moon cd & Blessed and Cursed soundtrack. And listening to him, it just sounded the same as the cd version. There was no originality in it at all for me. I guess because I have heard this song so many times & he did put his a tad bit of his ingredient in, but I was not sold like the audience and judges were. It also seemed as he felt this song so that was a good thing.  People are sold on his high range, but you have to take in consideration, his voice hasn’t changed again either and it will. So yes there is room to grow more vocally. But since he is young and male talent, he will go on to possibly be the chosen winner.

Of course, there cannot be Clarks on the show without family and Kierra Sheard graced the staged with her song, Indescribable. Great look & sound. She is the Twinkie & Karen we all wanna be, combination in one. Totally a worship moment……….

And yes we saw that shot of Kim’s dress. Ya’ll leave Kim alone with her dress, now she lost weight, let her enjoy wearing clothes she missed out on for years…….Hallelujah, I can’t wait for the reality show….AMEN!

Now, we had four that will turn into the final two, so who went home? Of course they are looking for young talent as well as a male, so Danetra & Pastor (tear) were eliminated, leaving Alexus and Joshua to battle it out in the finale. I can say that at this stage, there is no question of who will win it. The theme has been a male from the start, so why not choose a young male to be this year’s winner. I would have loved to see Pastor Lampkin and Ashford Sanders battle it out. That would have been amazing, but oh well :(! Here is my finale prediction: Joshua Rogers will win Sunday Best 5. I have been right these last few times, so will this one take the cake? Let’s tune in Sunday and see if my predictions prove me right once again.

Until next time,

Constance J


One thought on “4GML Sunday Best: My Review & Thoughts

  1. Good interpretation. Loved the comment “…sold on his high range…” . I kinda thought Joshua’s performance of “Well Done” was kinda empty though he sang it. The winner of the night was definitely Alexis with her rendition of “Calvary”. Kim Burrell can sing like nobody’s business, she doesn’t quite do it for me! Lampkin’s hiccup on the words cost him, but I really feel he and Danetra truly had no chance even before the show started. It was just a matter of time.

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