4GML Music Feature: Derrick Sowell & NEM

I am always ready to give you the best in gospel music including new artists I run across and the artist I am about to tell you about is one I had been hearing alot about. And just so happens, he followed me on Twitter the other day, look at God….lol! He always connects you with the right people. I must say the song, ‘And The Winner Is’ a song for today. The words are truly compelling, gives a sense of hope to those who are experiencing the episodes of life and this song is very personal to my life’s happenings right now so it is just reassurance of who God is and what He can do. I enjoyed the video as well.  Let me present to some and introduce to other, Houston’s own, Derrick Sowells and NEM…and the musical story goes like this……………

New Edifying Music’s new gospel recording artist, D. Sowells & NEM, has released the official music video for their debut single, “And the Winner Is”, now available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. Derrick Sowells has resolved to “set you free” by delivering soul-stirring truth with his new project. It features “rocking guitar riffs” and “clear, crisp, and passionate vocals” says Tashia of ichoosegospel.wordpress.com. D. Sowells & NEM is a spirit-filled,gifted group committed to glorifying Christ, edifying His church, and evangelizing civilizations through music ministry. Derrick feels God blessed him to pen this song as encouragement for himself and others during these hard and challenging economic times. “And The Winner Is” inspires us to win with God despite any and every circumstance. ” MyHoustonGospel.com touts, “The song has great production quality and features Houston powerhouse vocals.” Derrick Sowells, born and raised in Houston, TX, first realized his gift of songwriting and choir directing while singing with the Good News Gospel Choir at the University of Houston and leading his youth choir at Liberty Baptist Church. He then founded the group, Derrick Sowells & the True Light Co. and embarked on independently recording his first album, “Get On Up”. He accepted his call to minister in 2006 and currently serves as associate pastor at Liberty Baptist Church. Now a proud husband married to Armistric Sowells and raising two girls together, he is on a mission to deliver New Edifying Music to the world starting with his new single, “And the Winner Is”. Be sure to look out for this hot new artist. Call and request “And the Winner is” at your favorite radio station and share the single and music video with friends and family. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and YouTube.

check out the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO in HD: 
For booking & info:
Derrick Sowellsdsowellsnem@gmail.com

Thanks Derrick for everything, God bless you

Until next time,

Constance J


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