4GML Sunday Best: My Thoughts and Review

Well, it is the start of a new week and another Sunday Best episode has come and gone. So as you know I am giving my thoughts on the highs and lows of the show from my musical perspective. This week’s episode was dedicated to the music of Andrae Crouch and what do you think of when mentioning his name, LEGEND! I mean his repertoire is full of musical classics and we are so blessed to have his music to go back and just go to church all over again. But let me carry on with what I am here to do. I can say I loved the opening show medley,’Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus‘ with the contestants…..very nice….Joshua and Pastor killed it!!!! That moment took me back to old school testimony service days….Yes, I am still rooting for a male this year. Pastor and Joshua  are my picks to go to the finale but of course I must support Mississippi too, Ashford Sanders. The males are dominating this year and one should win because these men are truly singing……wow! Now on the contestants and it goes like this:

1. Alexus Spight was up with this classic, ‘Soon and Very Soon‘. And for me, it was just ok. I can say the background vocals was so on point. Really did not care for the music arrangement at all. She did this song justice but I wanted to hear more of her singing ability at this stage. The driving King ending part I truly did not care for all that. It is getting done to the end, so it is life to the song or go home.

2. The Pastor, Michael Lampkin, was next on stage and ‘Oh It Is Jesus’ being his song choice. He took advice from mentor Sister Kim very well. This was a very nice arrangement and a great song for him. Honestly, I feel he can just sing anything and took us on to the throne. His congregation would be so blessed for him to get up and do this as a congregation song and they would be slain after he add his flavor to it. Yolanda said he was absolutely impeccable, Cece stated she enjoyed his gift and once again Donnie was almost moved to tears, so he was at a loss for words. But I am still ready to hear him tackle a different style to see what else he has to give us. Great job and I would love for him to win it!

3. Kizzy Walker let us see a different side of her this week with a jazzy rendition of the classic, ‘I’ll Be Thinking of You’ and this is my song for real and I must say she did this song justice. I really liked the background vocals and arrangement. This was certainly nice to hear a new side of her singing ability.  But it needed much more, she definitely played it safe. Of course, Donnie McClurkin knows his Andrae Crouch history and said she did a wonderful job and I do agree with him. Yolanda says she was blown away with this rendition the band did but she wants to hear more of her jazzy side……………but if she does not bring it next week, it will be the end of her journey. Gotta bring it ma’am next week, let’s go!

4. Well all I can say is that Joshua Rogers is such an awesome talent. I am in awe weekly by what he can do musically to be so young. His interpretations of the songs he has been given as been unbelievable. He did listen to the mentor and killed, ‘We Expect You’. That expect run was so bananas but I want him to be careful with all the running stuff. It becomes too much after a while. I see him as being the overall winner because he would be the youngest and a male as they want to win….

5. I love that Mississippi is on the map and representin’ this year at Sunday Best…………yesssss! Next to last performer of the night, and a clear favorite of mine, Ashford Sanders did the classic Crouch song, ‘Through It All’ and he talked about not wanting to touch a classic song but I know many people who take classics and make it their own.  And it was a safe performance with him holding back a whole lot. I could hear him taking that song and killing it but he chose not to. I needed much more than he gave.Gotta come with it next week or his journey is going to end sooner than later.

6. What an awesome ending with contestant Danetra Moore singing “Jesus Is The Answer“. She did a phenomenal job with this song. She took this song and made it her own with great control and delivery. And I loved how she nailed the ending!  One of the best performance of the night for me! Will she stay consistent? We will see this coming Sunday.

Of course, they did bring in Sunday Best, Isaac Carree & Zacardi Cortez to render a selection, ‘We Are Not Ashamed’ and yes they did some serious singing, AMEN! Those two are just natural born singers. They could sing anything and it be a masterpiece.

Now, who went home? ……you guessed it…NOBODY! Everybody was safe and set to go another round! But if I had to pick who went, my choices would have been Kizzy & Ashford 😦

Here are my predictions for the future show and finale:

This week Ashford and Kizzy will be voted off and it will be left with Joshua, Alexus, Pastor, & Danetra, then the next two, ending with Josh and Alexus will be in the finale, with Josh being the overall winner, what are your thoughts

Think I’m right, let’s hear your thoughts………

Until next time,

Constance J



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