4GML Music Monday: Gerald Scott & Co.

Hello ya’ll, one Vacation Bible School down, one more to go. I just love VBS………..But I am back here giving you the latest gospel news/happenings and some of my favorite artists to know. And today, I have one that you will really enjoy. About two summers ago, for some time here in Mississippi I would hear lots of choirs sing this song that started out “I Feel Your Spirit Moving In Me”…..and I never knew who sang that song and finally the mystery was solved. Stellar Awards weekend I found out it was Gerald Scott & Company. ‘Glad About It’ remains a huge favorites of many choirs and groups. And I wanted to hear more of this group, so I had to do my research and thanks to Nuthinbutgospel, he put up another song, ‘Praise the Name of Jesus’, which became my traveling song along with others I found. I am thankful I still have a dashboard because that song makes me bang the daylights of my car dash……lol. I truly enjoyed his last release, “Don’t Let Go”. I am glad to tell you Gerald is back with his third cd to be released this Tuesday, July 17th, entitled, “Incredible”, that includes the hit single, ‘Alright’. This song has be been blazing the radio airwaves and I love it. Looking over the track listing, I see Claude Deuce on a track, priceless. So without further ado, I want to present to some and introduce to others, Gerald Scott & Co. and their bio goes something like this…….

Gerald Scott & Co.

Born into a musical family in Washington, DC, Gerald began singing in church at a very young age. Despite growing up in a house with a piano, it wasn’t until he was a teenager that he began to develop and walk in his gift as an organist at which point he began serving in his home church as an in house musician.

As a teen, Scott studied under Dr. Joyce Garret, director of the award-winning Eastern High School Choir, co-directed with fellow DC artist, Patrick Lundy.  His ambition and dreams encouraged both Dr. Garrett and Lundy to invest a significant amount of time in him as a singer and musician. Recognizing his talent, his directors tasked Gerald with composing a song to be sung by his graduating class. The song was performed at the historic Constitution Hall.

While writing music and ministering with local community and church choirs, Scott was afforded many opportunities to sing and play for numerous gospel artists including Daryl Coley, Kim Burrell, Vickie Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Isaiah D.Thomas. He has performed with countless other national recording artists including the legendary Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, Stephanie Mills, Trace Adkins all while remaining faithful in serving at his local church on a weekly basis.

Following years of singing background and playing for other artists, Scott stepped out on faith and decided to begin a project of his own. In 2007 he formed a group of singers comprised totally of family and close friends and birthed “Gerald Scott & Co.” His debut project, INTRO, was released in 2008 which boasted his first top 40 radio hits such as “Great is the Lord” and “You can’t stop my praise” featuring Stellar Award winner Isaiah D. Thomas.   Very shortly after that he began to work on his sophomore project entitled “Don’t Let Go”, released in 2010. This album featured radio favorites like the title track “Don’t Let Go”; another top 40 radio hit, and the internet crazed song “Glad About It”. “Glad About It” has reached nearly 100,000 cumulative hits on Youtube; a major feat for an independent artist and became a song favorite among the likes of Zacardi Cortez who performed the song with Gerald and even began performing the song at his own shows himself.

While “Don’t Let Go” brought about significant underground success, Gerald began to look for any opportunity to present his music on a larger platform. He began shopping his new material around in hopes of securing a label deal and landed himself with Habakkuk Music/Universal in early 2012. His 3rd and first national release “Incredible” will be released in July on Habakkuk Music. The debut single “Alright” is already burning up the radio charts.

God continues to open doors for the ministry of Gerald Scott & Co. and it remains to be seen where God will lead the ministry in the future.

I wish Gerald much success with this new release. Click the link below to hear the hit single, Alright….


Thanks Gerald for everything. God bless you

Until next time,

Constance J


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