Sunday Best Season 5 (Who Will Win This One?)

Well I am still trying to digest the antics from the premiere of Sunday Best Season 5 this past Sunday. Let me just say Erica and Tina are missed. But we have Yolanda and CeCe who will do well as judge replacements. This season the judges are coming hard…….they have the mentality of “go hard or go to the house”………….lol! And yes, they did sending lots of people packing, that’s for sure.  The question to be answered is “Will a man take the crown this time around?” That to me is an understatement because for me, Zebulon Ellis, Durward Davis, or Isaiah Freeman would have been one of the male picks to win Sunday Best. Now, this season, Kirk Franklin is showing out for real. I could not host because I was be flatlined the whole time in laughter because some of these contestants Lawd Jesus are hilarious. Ok, contestant number 4998, yellow shirt, if you are out there, they were not fair to you, you had a nice voice. And the guy with the leggo bowtie, why did ya’ll tell him no? *tear*…Lastly, this older man in the red shirt and jeri curl was on there cussing after his audition and I was crying tears over here, really? I was done after that. Ya’ll older saints supposed to be an example. You can’t be cussing like that sir………! He took the cake……………rotfl. Kim Burrell is letting people have it. Ya’ll leave Kim alone please, thanks and amen! But I am just waiting to see who will be left standing? Who are you going for? I am not sure yet but stay tuned, I will let you know.  But here are the top 20 names

BET Sunday Best Season 5 Top 20

1. Danetra James
2. Julian Awari
3. Kimberly Walker
4. Alexis Spight
5. Breon Clary
6. Antwoine Overby
7. Jessica Dudley
8. Brian Luther
9. Ashfrod Sanders
10. Candace Pennington
11. Jackie Calhoun
12. Susan Hedgepeth
13. Michael Lampkin
14. Sara Escamilla
15. Jamarien Moore
16. Keith Ball
17. Kizzy Walker
18. Jeremy Hill
19. Joshua Rogers
20. Lois Blalock

I kinda know who I want as some hopefuls, but I will have to stay tuned and see how the story will end……….

Until next time,

Constance J


One thought on “Sunday Best Season 5 (Who Will Win This One?)

  1. Ralind Davis says:

    I would love for Kizzy Walker to win this year’s Sunday Best. She is so annointed and I have always loved her voice. (I pray that God sees fit for her to win this).

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