Leandria Johnson Live CD/DVD Recording 7.11.12, Houston Texas

The fans spoken and the label listened. This has to be the livest set for the summer. Texas, I hope ya’ll are ready for this one.  Sunday Best Season 3 Winner Leandria Johnson is set to do her first live cd/dvd recording tonight and if your face is not in the place, you just missed it. I am not in Texas but if I was, I would be there. This will be her four release as a follow up to her previous work including the hits, Jesus, & Make Him Like You.  I kept reading on Twitter that it was such an outpouring of fan support, that a bigger venue was needed. So I know this will be one for the record books. And she will pay tribute to the late James Moore, *tear*. What I need you to do is start getting ready now and be there by 4, lol, bc it’s free admission and it won’t be NO SEATS, ma’ams and sirs……………..this is gonna be crazy. P.S if i hear about an earthquake in Texas, I know Jesus came down from the heavenly throne and rained Shekinah Glory in Houston……………lol! Robert Hatcher, I want a commentary sir………..lol!

be there or be square……….

Until next time,

Constance J


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